by Mark Dickens

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Tarsakan, a Middle Iranian word meaning "those who fear (God)" is the plural of tarsa, a word still used in Persian for "Christian." Sogdian texts used the word when speaking of the Syriac Christians in Central Asia and so I have chosen it as the title of this page, which is devoted to the history of the Church of the East in Central Asia.

This ancient church, called the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East in full, is often referred to as the Nestorian Church, although this is not the term that the church uses to describe itself and in many ways it is an inaccurate label. However, I have used it as an adjective in certain places on these pages, in the absence of a better option.

This page contains links to a paper on the Church of the East which I have written, as well as some other things I have put together related to this church in general and particulary to their history in Central Asia, as well as a list of relevant websites. 

If you know of any good websites on the Church of the East in general or Syriac Christianity in Central Asia in particular that I have missed or if any of the links below have changed or are now obsolete, please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.

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Papers I have written:

Lists of Rulers:

Other things I have put together:

Nestorians on the Web:

The Nestorian Church (General)

The Nestorian Controversy

Famous Individuals in Nestorian History

The Nestorians in Iran The Nestorians in India (Mar Thoma Church) The Nestorians in Arabia/Middle East The Nestorians & Arab Knowledge

The Nestorians in Central Asia

The Nestorians in China & The Far East

The Nestorians Among the Mongols

Prester John

The Syriac Language, Script & Fonts

Nestorian Documents

Modern Day Assyrians & Chaldeans

Lists of Dynasties and Rulers Relevant to the History of the Church of the East

Ayyubid Rulers
Buwayhid Rulers
Byzantine Emperors
Chinese Dynasties & Emperors
The Crusades
Ghaznavid Rulers
Ghurid Sultans
Latin Rulers of Crusader Kingdoms
Mongol Khans
Muslim Caliphs
Ottoman Sultans
Persian Shahs & Emirs
Qara-Khitai Rulers
Roman Emperors
Samanid Rulers
Seljuk Rulers
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