Location of Nestorian Bishops and Metropolitans

Mingana, Early Spread of Christianity, 24-36, 73-76; supplemented by Atiya, History of Eastern Christianity, 265-266; Moffett, History of Christianity in Asia, 464; Stewart, Nestorian Missionary Enterprise, 84-85; and Vine, Nestorian Churches, cited in Moffett, 372.
Bishop (Date)(1)
Metropolitan (Date)

(NW of Khurasan)

  Bishop (554)  
Khurasan Abrashahr/Iran Shahr (modern Nishapur) Bishop (424)  
Adiabene Erbil   Metropolitan before 500?(2)
Tabaristan (N of Damawand) Amul Bishop (554)  
Armenia     Metropolitan (779-823): 13th in rank
Arran (W of Caspian Sea) Barda Bishop (420) Metropolitan (c. 900)
Atropatene (Azerbaijan) Taurisium   Metropolitan before 500?(3)
Badisi/Badhgis (N of Herat)   Bishop (585)  
  Bukhara   Metropolitan before 8th century
  Bushanj (W of Herat) Bishop (585)  
China (Sin & Masin) Chang-an/Hsian-fu (Xi'an)   Metropolitan (628-643 or 712-728?)(4): 11th or 14th in rank? (5)
Dailumaye/Beith (near Caspian Sea) Mukar Bishop (225) Metropolitan (c. 780)
Damascus Damascus   Metropolitan (before end of 7th century)
Sijistan Farah Bishop (544)  
Fars Rewardashir   Metropolitan (399-410 or 415-420)(6): 6th in rank
Garamea Beit Garmai, later Shahrzur or Karkh/Kirkuk   Metropolitan (325-341): 5th in rank
Khurasan Herat Bishop (424) Metropolitan (585)(7): 9th in rank?
Halwan Halwan   Metropolitan (628-643)(8): 8th in rank
India Patna?   Metropolitan (628-643 or 712-728?)(9): 10th or 15th in rank?
Java     Metropolitan (1503)(10): 15th in rank?
Jerusalem Jerusalem Bishop (835) Metropolitan (1065)
Jilan/Gilan (SW coast of Caspian Sea)   Bishop(554)  
Jundishapur (Elam?) Beit Lapat/ Jundishapur Bishop (225) Metropolitan (290-325)(11): 1st in rank
Jurjan (SE coast of Caspian Sea)   Bishop (497)  
Kadistan (near Herat)   Bishop (585)  
China/Turkestan Kashgar & Nuakith   Metropolitan (1180)(12): 27th in rank
Hyrcania (on Caspian Sea) Khamlikh/Halah Bishop (???)  
China Khan Balik & Falik (Peking) Bishop Metropolitan (1248): 25th in rank
China (north China) Khatai   Metropolitan (1063)
China/Turkestan Kumul/Hami Bishop (1266)  
Khurasan Merv Bishop (424) Metropolitan (544)(13): 7th in rank
  Merv-ar-Rud (S of Merv) Bishop (544)  
Mosul (Assyria?) Mosul   Metropolitan (290-325)(14): 4th in rank
Nisibis/Beit 'Arbaye Nisibis   Metropolitan (290-325): 2nd in rank
Patriarchalis Kashkar   Metropolitan before 500?(15)
Qatar Qatar Bishop (225)  
Rayy Rayy (near Teheran) Bishop (424) Metropolitan (c. 778)
Sijistan Rukhut Bishop (544)  
Turkestan Samarkand possibly same as Bishopric of Turkestan established for the Hephthalite Huns in 549? Metropolitan (early 8th century)(16): 12th or 21st in rank?
Sijistan  ??? Bishop (424)  
Syria     Metropolitan (779-823): 14th in rank
China (Gansu Province) Tangut possibly same as Bishopric established by Timothy for Tibet in 781? Metropolitan: 26th in rank
Teredon (Prath Maishan) Basrah Bishop (225) Metropolitan (290-325): 3rd in rank
Tibet   Bishop (781)  
Turkestan (Hephthalite Huns)   Bishop (549) Metropolitan (781?): 10th or 22nd in rank?
Khurasan Tus (near Mashad) Bishop (497)  
Yemen   Bishop (779-823)  
Sijistan Zaranj Bishop (544)  

1. All dates are the earliest recorded date a bishop or metropolitan is mentioned. Some dates are given as specific years and others are recorded as "during the patriarchate of _________" and therefore are indicated as a range of years.

2. According to Vine. Moffett gives this as the 4th in rank.

3. According to Vine.

4. Other dates mentioned in some sources are 410-415 or 505-523, but these seem too early to be accurate. Vine gives the date as about 636.

5. Rankings differ according to different sources.

6. Vine gives the date as between 500 and 650; Moffett gives it as 554.

7. Other dates mentioned in some sources are 410-415 or 505-523, but these seem too early to be accurate.

8. Vine gives the date as 754, but Moffett gives it as 642.

9. Other dates mentioned in some sources are 410-415 or 505-523, but these seem too early to be accurate. Vine gives the date as about 800.

10. Java must have had a metropolitan long before this, the earliest date on record.

11. Vine gives the date as 834.

12. Mingana thinks that there was actually a metropolitan here as early as 650 AD.

13. Other dates proposed are 399-410 or 415-420.

14. Vine gives the date as 651.

15. According to Vine.

16. Various dates are mentioned in different sources for a bishop in Samarkand, including 410-415, 505-523, 628-643 or 712-728. Vine gives the date for a metropolitan as 781.

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